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How it Works

Purchasing Options

  • If you live in Williamson: Bring a formal dress to your Wilco school during the school drive and give their name and email for a voucher to be emailed to them. Only 1 voucher per shopper.
  • Bring a formal dress to the event in exchange for a dress voucher.
  • Email LTD asking for a voucher because of financial need.
  • No voucher? Come to the event and buy a dress for $10 or $20! All ladies are welcome despite financial background. Over half of our shoppers come without a voucher to purchase a formal.

The Day of the Event:

  • Check in 15 minutes prior of the event.
  • When your number is called you’ll meet your personal shopper
  • You will be brought to your dressing room first.
  • You will have 30 minutes to shop for your gown.
  • After you find your dress you can pick out accessories
  • After checking out you can talk to the cosmetologists if interested.


1st & 2nd 2024