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2024 Event Details

Location: The Gate: 4040 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, TN. 37067

  • March 1st: 4pm – 7pm
  • March 2nd: 8am – 2pm

Registration: Pre-registration is required and opens February 15th at 5pm. Ladies who have not pre-registered will be asked to go online and do so on arrival to see if there are openings and will be asked to come back at a later time if we are full.

You are allowed to have one female adult with you to shop. Only Females are allowed to the back due to girls dressing. Men must stay in the waiting area.

Check in: Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to check in. Due to Covid-19, please only come 15 minutes before. If you have a dress to donate/trade turn it in at this time.

Waiting: There will only be enough seating for the upcoming group. WayFM will be in the waiting area as well.

Appointment: When your number is called you will meet your personal shopper. They will show you to your dressing room and start your 30 minute timer once you get to the boutique. They will help you shop and hold the dresses for you while you shop. Most girls find a dress in 20 minutes or less! You can go back and forth to the dressing room and boutique as long as you have time.

After you found your dress make sure to browse through the shoes and accessories area to get a great deal. There are new and gently used shoes, jewelry sets, & purses available.

Checking out: After you find everything you need your personal shopper will walk you to the check out area. Make sure to hand over your voucher upfront if you have one.

Hair & Makeup Tutorials: After checking out you are free to talk to the cosmetologists and makeup artists to find different ways to do your hair and makeup for your upcoming formal.

Wayfm is a proud sponsor of our event and will be there to lift spirits and volunteer!