Need to be able to unlock phone first.. How do i go about? Its not rooted. I broke my iPhone 5 and I can't unlock it, touch my screen, or anything. if you cant slide to unlock then the digitiser is broken and all touch functions won't work. - CopyTrans Can Plug in your broken iPhone 3GS to your computer, and without syncing, create a back-up. Can I unlock my phone with Siri if I know the passcode? Set it up as a new phone with a passcode so you can lock it then press the home button to get the lock screen up to get an idea where the numbers should be on the 3GS. Restore your new iPhone using your broken iPhone 3GS's back-up, type in your password and retrieve your images. (Mac Control + Click, Windows Right Click). I want to sync and back up my Use a lightning keyboard for unlocking the iPhone og iPad, in case the display is broken and your Touch ID doesn't Work. The other day i dropped and broken my LCD, replaced glass but the LCD screen is still just black, so obviously i can't enter in my 4 digit code to unlock my pho Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and passcode, then click Find My iPhone. How can i sync my phone this way? 2. Possible solution if you can't enter your passcode on an iPhone because part or most of the screen is cracked or broken. I REALLY need to save all my stuff. Plugs into PC and iTunes detects it, but asks that I unlock s Does anyone have any ideas of how I can unlock it? Don't worry. Cant sync my iphone due to broken screen. Ask New Question. This is nice because you can then get your data if you plan on getting a new phone. If find any problems and get irks in choosing apple iPhone flaws then contact at iPhone technical support assistance avails all the time either it is day or night. sorry but you'll just have to wait for the new screen. The screen flashes ... How can I unlock my phone with broken screen ... Reddit for iPhone; Cant sync my iphone due to broken screen. Step 1. Broken blank screen- cant get iPhone to trust computer to recover pics - iPhone How to unlock iPhone and trust computer? It can be cracked (if you have access to one), as long as you can see the image displayed and it will accept your touch inputs. Smashed my iPhone, need to gain access to get a copy of photos, but main screen is unreadable now. I recently cracked my iPhone 6 screen and it doesn't register fingerprint or touch screen and I need to unlock it somehow so I can back it up to my You will need a functioning screen. How can I get the data back in my iPhone? Learn how to unlock Android device with cracked or broken screen. How do I unlock or reset my iPhone? Unlock ... iCloud Activation Lock is security mechanism enabled on you turned on "Find my iPhone" on the device. Dropped your iPhone and get it damaged badly? The touchscreen won't work so we can't unlock the phone. Unlock it Now ! I have no screen swiping function at all, and Siri won't let me unlock it by voice. My iPhone screen is broken and my phone is locked. Forgot iPhone Screen Lock Passcode? Here's how you can easily unlock an Android phone even if the screen is broken. When the screen cracks on your iPhone, it can