You can use circle images for blog images, menu buttons, printables graphics, and all sorts of other ways. ... Crop-image-into-a-circle ... ever brought into photoshop. Learn how to easily crop an image into a circle with Photoshop! Answer Wiki. Now that your figure is highlighted, you need to copy the figure so you can paste it over into the group photo. Remember, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Z repeatedly to undo one step at a time. Answer Wiki. ... How can you circle something on a picture using Photoshop? 2 Answers. ... fellow picture lover! Update Cancel. ... Photoshop CS6: Cropping a Circle. Photoshop - Tutorials and training for Adobe Photoshop. Youve all seen great images that are cropped to the perfect circle but how is this done? Make a Circle Image in 5 Easy Steps. Now, you need to open your group photo. Note that this tutorial works for other shapes too. First just visualize in your mind the circle (or oval) that you wish to make. Need to crop an image so it's round in Photoshop? How to put a picture in a circle shape In this tutorial I will show you how to crop or put in an image in the shape of a circle using Photoshop. A clipping mask is an easy, nondestructive way to cut a picture into any shape in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Open the picture file Activate the Cookie cutter tool. ... How to circle out something in a picture? Select the picture (or pictures) you want to crop. Once it is open, click on the picture. by Kathryn Hatashita-Lee You can use the Paths Tool to remove the background from an image. I am trying to take a photo (jpeg file) and crop it into a circle shape to be the middle of my farm name logo. Note that this tutorial will also work with other shapes. Click on the Edit menu option at the top of the screen. In Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can crop, or remove, the portion surrounding the crop marquee, or selection. How do you cut a circle out of a picture in Photoshop CS4? Tired of cropping your images into rectangles and squares? Hello. After some googling a while back I learned a few quick tricks in Photoshop to make this whole process extremely easy. From the pull down menu, click Copy. Ive seen others with their pictures cropped into circles and knew thats what I wanted, too. Content tagged with photoshop elements Because I love, love, love PicMonkey, I figured out how to do it here, and I want to share the steps with you. Cropping a circular area in a photo ... Open your image or copy it into a new image. If you are looking for an easy way to crop a picture into a circle, watch this video and see step by step instructions to create a circle image yourself. Microsoft's Paint application doesn't have a circle selection tool, but you can make do. I'm trying to fix a rectangular image into a circle, but I can figure out how! Learn how to easily crop and straighten images using the new and improved Crop Tool in Photoshop CS6! How do you cut a circle out of a picture in Photoshop CS4? Update Cancel. Grab the Marquee Tool again from the left toolbar.

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